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Stephanie Gauthier

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Updated on: 2018-06-11

What We Do for Contractors

Whether you’re building or renovating their home or another property, it can be an extremely stressful time for your clients as they front the budget for work and make the life changes necessary to prepare their spaces for a move.
We let you focus on completing your project while we help your clients get ready for their next steps. By giving them the turn-key services they need for peace of mind, you go the extra mile for them and help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Home Owner Support

Some clients may be fronting the cost of two properties and are anxious to move into their new home. They may be struggling to sell their current property, or preparing to sell the one you’re working on, or we may need to time a staging precisely with renovation completion. In any of these cases, we provide the services they need to pack, declutter, stage or design their spaces.

How We Work with Contractors

  1. We meet to show you what we offer and examples of our work.
  2. We listen to your needs, and to any particular clients who need relooking, staging, interior design, or consulting.
  3. Once introduced to your clients, we provide a consultation to assess their needs and get them ready for their move and/or sale.

Contact us to discuss your needs and your client’s needs.