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Author: Stephanie Gauthier

Stephanie Gauthier

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Updated on: 2018-06-11

What We Do for Real Estate Agents

We help you sell homes faster with less effort, and for a higher valuation, by working with your clients to make their homes shine. We make properties more sellable by showcasing their strengths and making it easier for prospective home buyers to visualize themselves in their new home. Whether your client just needs some decluttering and relooking, or has an empty space requiring full staging, we create a welcoming look and feel with just the right furnishings. We know how to bring spaces to life, and we know what sells. We make smaller spaces look more liveable, bigger areas look cozy and inviting, and our on-trend interior design turns dated decor into contemporary stylings needed to inspire buyers.
We can take a home that’s been on the market for too long and revamp it to sell it quickly, and we work together with you, the client, and home buyer feedback to ensure the updates are strategic and help increase the number and amount of offers on the property.

Many clients are used to their clutter and don’t know where to start, they may struggle or require more support than you are capable of providing to get their properties ready for the market. When we work with them, we reduce their anxiety and they feel lighter knowing they have experts working with them to make their space as presentable as possible to fetch the best offers.

Our goal is for our joint clients to be proud of their properties and fall in love with their homes all over again, so the sale means all the more to them with less work for you.

How We Work with Real Estate Agents

  1. We meet to show you what we offer and examples of our work.
  2. We listen to your needs, and to any particular homeowners who need relooking, staging, or consulting.
  3. Once introduced to your clients, we provide a consultation to assess their needs and work in your feedback, and that of any potential buyers who’ve seen the space.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss ways we can work together to improve your listings’ performance and provide extended services to your clients.