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Author: Stephanie Gauthier

Stephanie Gauthier

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Updated on: 2018-07-19

The Benefits of Interior Design

Maybe it’s just time for a change? Maybe you know what you want but have trouble achieving that look or feel? Or maybe you have a hard time sorting through your beautiful items to make them stand out and fit in with each other? Whether it’s for a new space or one you’ve had for a while, we can help bring a room, a floor, or the whole space together.

How Interior Design Works

The first thing we do is meet to understand your goals and what you’d like to achieve. We share inspiration with each other from magazines, pinterest or aesthetic movements in history (like Art Deco). We talk about the big picture and the little details, so we can capture everything perfectly. Of course, we also discuss your budget and your requirements as well, so we can stay on track throughout the project.

Our Interior Design Process

  1. We start with our consultation to discuss and evaluate your needs, and to inspire each other!
  2. Based on our brief, we develop a mood board with detailed samples.
  3. We start gathering materials. You can either join us, or if you’re too busy, we can purchase them on our own. Furniture, tiling, accessories, artwork, fixtures: you name it we make sure it all fits with your vision!
  4. During installation, it may be as simple as rearranging new and existing elements, or we may coordinate and oversee minor to major renovations, it all depends on your needs.
  5. Re-placing and final staging of each room.
  6. Finishing touches to the final look.

Prefer DIY?

Many clients don’t have the time to dedicate to redecorating and hunting for the items they want, which is why we offer full-service interior design. But if you feel you are able to do the work yourself and just need some guidance, we do offer consulting as well.