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Author: Stephanie Gauthier

Stephanie Gauthier

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Updated on: 2018-06-11

Relocating from afar can be very challenging: it’s difficult enough to find the right home in the right location, but then filling it with well-designed furnishings that meet the families’ needs adds another level of complexity.

We work with both relocation firms and expats themselves to ensure the home they move to in Montreal is beautifully appointed, addresses their requirements, and suits their style.

No-Fuss Moving to Montreal

Expats arrive to a home that is fully set up for them. From the Tylenols in the bathroom to the generous sofa in the lounge, food in the fridge to mattresses that are hand-picked to their specifications.

How We Work with Relocation Firms & Expats

  1. Contact us when you know of a relocation.
  2. We consult with you and/or the family over the phone and by email to answer questions, exchange inspirational pictures, get a budget, and discuss requirements.
  3. We begin the interior design process based on the timeline and brief.

Connect with us to book your consultation and plan a hassle-free relocation to Montreal.